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My name is Jess, I'm twenty & live in Brisbane, Australia ✈️ New York City is my 2nd home. Various music, rock stars, fashion, coffee, traveling & video games are my favourite things. I am a beauty therapist & makeup artist by trade, but I am currently trying to find myself in this crazy world we live & discovering more in my life. My other half is musermatt. Friend 3DS code: 4871-5216-7841


*sees something small and light pink* i must obtain this.

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Matt Bellamy is also dating Sailor Moon in my Tamodachi Life game. This game is ridiculous.

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#but I love it 

I dressed Dom Howard in a skeleton costume & I dressed Matt Bellamy in a banana costume on Tamodachi Life. They both love it tho.

— 4 hours ago
#they automatically change into it when I dress them in other clothes 

Omfg Lady Gaga & Dwight Shrute from The Office are dating in my Tamodachi Life game lmao.

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